Northeastern Women’s Golf Honorary Members

To become an Honorary Member of NEWGA one must have reached the age of 70, still be active in the organization and to have contributed to the Association and golf in general, entitling her to such recognition.

The following is a list of our Honorary Members over the years, their golf club and the year they joined NEWGA.  We congratulate and acknowledge them all for years of membership and service to not only NEWGA but to women’s golf.

Bass, Lynn (Van Schaick, ’56)

Blau, Joyce (Ballston Spa, ’65)

Bristor, Dottie (Edison, ’59)

Brophy, Gail (Saratoga National, 2008)

Bryan, Joan (Pinebrook, ’65)

Bryant, Madeline (Columbia, ’40)

Burris, Marge (Mohawk, ’53)

Callahan, Dorothy (Ballston Spa, ’57)

Chyliniski, Millie (Pinehaven, ’56)

Clemente, Betty (Wolferts Roost, ’67)

Cohn, Elaine (Colonie, ’87)

Cullum, Beartice (Wiltywck, ’54)

Cunningham, Barbara (Normanside, ’75)

Cuomo, Frances (Pinebrook, ’95)

Dempf, Stella (Albany, ’91)

DiFabio, Janet (Albany & VanSchaick, 91)

Elliot, Loraine (Albany, ’81)

Ellis, “MJ”/MaryJane (Albany, ’86)

Evans, Betty Ann (Oneonta, ’70)

Farhart, Pam (Pine Brook, ‘73)

Fontaine, Til (Mohawk, ’60)

Freidman, Saralee (Shaker Ridge, ’56)

Gaffney, Ilene (Cobleskill, ’70)

Getty, MaryJane (Mohawk , ’60)

Gordon, Fran (Pinehaven,  ’70)

Gordon, Ruth (Mohawk, ’55)

Hayden, Midge (Mohawk, ’35)

Herrick, Suzanne (Pine Brook, 2006)

Kolnick, Linda (Canajoharie, ’94)

Leslie, Nancy (Wolferts Roost, ’63)

Liberatore, Flo (Albany, ’91)

MacLean, Anne (Columbia, ’58)

Magano, Babe (Edison , ’58)

Mark, Kaye (McGregor,  ’55)

Merritt, Caroline (Columbia, ’91)

Monroe, Virginia (Ballston Spa, ’83)

Murray, Sally (Schenectady,  ’62)

Mysliborski, Judy (Pinehaven, ’95)

O’Connell, Betty (McGregor,  ’76)

Overbagh, “Boots”/Myrtle (Wiltwyck,  ’65)

Paul, Jill (Shaker Ridge,  ’56)

Pendergast, Doris (Cobleskill,  ’75)

Poulin, Anne (Mohawk, ’94)

Purcell, “Peg”/Margaret (Winding Brook,  ’82)

Ramsey, Molly (Pinebrook,  ’70)

Ryan, Dottie (Oneonta,  ’46)

Sacks, Marion (Colonie,  ’65)

Sauers, Elaine (Wolferts Roost,   ’59)

Sayles, Jane (Edison,  ’44)

Schuster, Gwen (Oneonta, ’74)

Seelow, Dorothy (Pine Brook,  ’63)

Serian, Catherine (Van Schaick,  ’74)

Seybolt, “Peg”/Edna (Oneonta, ’48)

Starzenski, Louise (Saratoga G & P, ’86)

Spitalny, Mim (Colonie,  ’55)

UpJohn, Amy (Ballston Spa, ’69)

VanAlstine, Audrey (Pinehaven, ’72)

Waddington, Rosemary (Ballston Spa, ’69)

Wall, Harriet (Mohawk,’60)